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New & Exciting - Click Here to View Video of the 2016 Fall Bear Hunt

Summary of 2016 Fall Hunt

Thank you once again for choosing Yvon and Sons/Gilles Bear Den for your bear guiding service.  We had another successful year here at the Bear Den. We have over 50 years of bear hunting/guiding services, this is our business, not our sideline.

We accommodated 27 hunters this year and all but two sighted bears which represents 93% sightings.  21 out of those 25 hunters bagged their bear which represents 84% success rate, 4 wounded bears and one hunter went home sick.  All in all, it was a completely successful year.  The largest bear was tipping the scales at close to 400 lbs.  The bears were very hungry this year due to a really bad year for blueberry harvest.  They did not have much (if any) fat build up so the scale weights were not as they were in previous good berry years, but most were mature animals and would have been 50-100 lbs. heavier at the same time in subsequent years.

Many large bears were sighed on baits that were not hunted and we plan on making an effort to harvesting them this coming season.  The estimated bear population in Ontario is said to be well over 200,000 animals and growing mostly because of the cancelled spring hunt which took effect in year 1999.  Please feel free to jump in with us this year for a black bear experience of a lifetime and a chance to bag a trophy bruin.  See us on Facebook at "Yvon and Sons Bear Hunt."

For 2017 Fall Hunt
Attention Hunters:
  For those who book the first week, your hunt starts on August 15.  Try to be there, August 13th or 14th,  a day or two before the hunt opens.

For Booking:  Cabin availability is limited.  First come, first served.  (Click here for accommodations).  Motel rooms available but must have deposit for reservations. Deposit only refundable within 30 days before the booked hunt.  Your hunters must book the same week as you but may be divided into two groups.



Fall Hunt $1,000.00 U.S.
Cabins per week $150.00 U.S. per person
Bear License $243.87 Can.
Outdoors Card (required) $    9.68 (3 Yrs.) Can.
Export  Permit (after harvest only) $  37.26 req'd
after harvest
Small Game $123.19 Can.
Northland Motel $  85.00 Can./night

$500 U.S. deposit is required per hunter
Send your deposit now to reserve your week

Money orders or certified cheques accepted


August 15 August 19
August 19 August 26
August 26 September 2
September 2 September 9

Cabins or rooms must be vacant by Saturday by 11 a.m.

Fishing Licenses (Canadian Funds)

Regular Fee Conservation
Seasonal  $85.53 $53.91
8-Day $55.80 $32.79

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Fall hunt starts August 15 and ends September 9, 2017

bullet To acquire a hunting licence in Ontario, you must be 16 years of age and produce proof of previous hunting experience.  The best proof is an old or current hunting license from any state or country. 
bullet You must be legally eligible to enter Canada with no felonies (DWI or DUI included) unless previous waiver has been obtained.  Are you inadmissable  to Canada?
bullet All travelers must have passport beginning January 1, 2009 (enhanced drivers licenses accepted as substitute). 
bullet Must register firearms (up to 3) at Canadian Customs.  Fee: $25 Can. per person.  For registration of firearms, click website here, call
1-800-731-4000 or email Canadian. firearms@justice.x400.gc.ca  Allowed to bring in shotguns and sporting rifles, but no handguns, assault type rifles or machine guns.  A clip is restricted to 5 rounds.  May also bring 200 rounds of ammo, 40 oz. of alcohol or 24 cans of beer, 1 carton cigarettes and 50 cigars, duty free.
bullet ATV recommended-  Requirements are ORV sticker from your state, a helmet for each rider and you must have liability insurance.   ATV's not permitted on numbered highways.
bullet Hunter orange required - 400 square inches of blaze orange above waist (vest and hat or cap).
bullet High powered rifle .30 - '06 or better.  Site rifle for approx. 30-40 yards.
bullet We have approx. 250 baits to choose from. 
bullet Each hunter guaranteed working baits.  We supply fresh meat scraps for bait and recommend that you bring imitation vanilla, honey, syrup, and any other sweets you might prefer.
bullet We freeze your meat and hide.  We will skin for $50 Can. and cut and wrap for $50 Can.  Bring pop coolers for transporting your meat and hide home.
bullet You may bring your own food to cook in the housekeeping cabins.  There are also many fine restaurants in the area.
bullet Boats may be available for fishing upon request (call for availability).  You can bring your own boat and motor (recommended).
bullet Our cabins are located on beautiful Vermillion Lake.  Click here for photo's of accommodations.

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Located six miles Northwest of Sudbury, Ontario.
  Distances from Chelmsford:

Sault Ste. Marie - 180 Miles
Mackinac Bridge - 235 Miles
Mt. Pleasant - 400 Miles
Grand Rapids - 490 Miles
Saginaw - 450 Miles
Detroit - 550 Miles
Chicago - 660 Miles

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